Word wizard. Pun pedlar. Metaphor masseuse.

My clients call me lots of different things, but my name is Chloe Chittenden. I’m a freelance copywriter, editor and blogger, and I’m based in Bedfordshire. I’ve fourteen years’ experience of working for prestigious brands and publications – both agency and client-side.

Why work with me?

Well, my copy’s sparkling. It’s engaging. But, most of all, it gets results. From fashionistas to fundraisers and from budget-conscious cooks to charity campaigners, I can turn my pen to any audience and have them eating out of your hands.

Not only am I an accomplished advertising and marketing copywriter, taking projects right through from concepts to the final proofread, but I’m also an editorial expert. I’ve been the content editor of Macmillan Cancer Support’s magazine, Harrods’ customer magazine and Iceland’s in-store magazine among others. What else? Well, I’ve devised tone-of-voice guidelines for brands, I’ve written and delivered writing training programmes, I’ve managed other writers and I’ve poured my passion for my work into mentoring interns. What’s more, I love working with designers and art directors just as much as I do knuckling down on my own – so whatever your job requires, I’m your girl.

What do I write?

You name it and I’ve probably written it. Press ads, articles, advertorials, blog posts, direct mail, social media feeds, brochures, websites, audio and video scripts, internal communications, leaflets and catalogues.

Who do I work with?

Macmillan Cancer Support, Harrods, AIG, Breast Cancer Care, World Animal Protection, Reader’s Digest, Google, Reckitt Benckiser and talkmum.com.

Want to get in touch?

Drop me a line at chloe.kiely@googlemail.com or give me a buzz on 07870 666505.

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